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The McLean County SWCD communicates program offerings and news through various newsletters throughout the year. If you would like to subscribe, please contact our office or submit electronically on our home page for an email version. Do you have a local business that you would like to promote to the landowners and producers of McLean County? For $150 yearly sponsorship we will include your business name on our mailings and the website. The sponsors are advertisers in our SWCD publications and not an endorsement of the company or services provided. We are an equal opportunity farm advertiser.   Contact the office to submit your sponsorship. 

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The SWCD News E-Newsletter provides short updates and timely information by email. If you would like to sign-up for updates please visit our home screen and subscribe at the bottom of the page. 

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2022 Conservation Reserve Program Newsletter

2021 McLean County Conservation Year in Review

2022 McLean County Conservation Year in Review

2023 McLean County Conservation Year in Review