Most Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I convert my cool season grasses to pollinator habitat?

A: Click Here To Learn More

How can I convert my current native grasses to pollinator habitat?

A: Click Here to Learn More

Are there Native Drills available to Rent?

A: Yes, we have 3 native drills available to rent and utilize for habitat installation. Please review the information on our Trees-Fish-Native Seed Page

Is there funding available to build a Pond in McLean County?

A: No, we do not help fund pond installation. However, the McLean County NRCS office can help with survey and design work. 

How do I contact for contract work in McLean County to build waterways, terraces, ponds, and other conservation structures?

A: Please view our McLean County Contractors List for more information on businesses available to you. 

How much can I purchase tree protectors for?

A: $2.00- 2 foot; $4.00- 4 foot

What is the quality of your trees?

A: All trees sold are Conservation Grade. This means there can be various sizes and qualities of trees, these are not landscape grade.

How much can I purchase flags for?

A: $12.00 for 100 Flags. All checks payable to the McLean County SWCD

How much can I purchase Plat Books for?

A: $35.00; All checks payable to the McLean County Extension office. $40.00 if you choose to use a debit/credit card

Do you except Credit/Debit cards?

A: Yes, we do have a small service fee. 

Who do I make checks payable to?

A: The McLean County Soil and Water Conservation District

How do I become a McLean County SWCD sponsor?

A: Become a sponsor by providing a 150 dollar donation and your business card. Your company will be promoted in our bi-annual newsletter and have yearlong exposure on the website.

When is the tree and fish sale?

A: Tree and fish sales are held in the spring and fall, check with the office for exact dates.

How do I receive the bi-yearly newsletter/ fish/tree sale flyer?

A: Subscribe online today for electronic copies sent straight to your email, or call our office and we will place your address on our direct mailing list to be mailed.


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