Lake Bloomington

Lake Bloomington serves as the primary drinking water supply reservoir for the City of Bloomington. Recreation and residential development are the second and third priority uses.  It also houses Timber Point Outdoor Center and Camp Peairs, which provide encouraging nature, including forests and shorelines, to  children.The roughly 43,000 acre Lake Bloomington watershed is predominately row crop agriculture in corn/soybean rotation with extensive tile drainage.  The watershed surrounds both Towanda and Merna.  The City of Bloomington and the Town of Normal are expanding into the southwestern edge of the watershed.  Money Creek delivers most of the water from the rest of the watershed to Lake Bloomington. To learn more about how to keep our drinking water safe and protect our lakes, Click Here .

Lake Bloomington Watershed

Watershed ~ 43,100 acres/70 square miles

Lake ~ 570 acre surface area/9.5 miles of shoreline

View the Lake Bloomington Watershed PlansScreenHunter_09 Jan. 07 07.47

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